Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween is Here Bring out the Clowns!

One of my favorite holidays is here---Halloween!

On Halloween I love to decorate my house ultra spooky and dress up as a vampire to hand out candy to the kids. My Victorian in Pasadena was the perfect place to do it.

Nothing scarier than a leg hanging off the mantel!

Ghouls in the library 

That's one way to play a pump organ! 

Now that I'm living in a lodge out in the country, I won't be getting any knocks on the door with kids screaming trick or treat. Usually we have a big Halloween party every other year, but because of the move, this year is off the table. Instead, we decided to get our dose of Halloween fun at the Circus of Screams. Boy was it scary!      

This is what greeted me as I stood in line!  

This was just inside the door!

Not your usual doll collection!  

I had a blast walking through the haunted house filled with blood covered clowns and guys chancing me with chain saws. Can't think of a better way to celebrate such a spooky holiday. 


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