Saturday, November 22, 2014

My First Oregon Fall!

I've really been enjoying my first fall in Oregon. Yes, it's cold for a former Southern California girl like me, but it also brings back memories of my childhood growing up back East and in Colorado. The artist side of me is thrilled to see the kaleidoscope of colors the trees change as the weather grows colder.

An added bonus is my collection of vintage sweaters and coats can finally come out of storage. Now I can wear them all the time instead of only on an occasional chilly night in LA. Plus I get to take long rides around the countryside and enjoy the fall color just like I did back East.

 Nothing says country road trip more than a covered bridge

Of course I can't resist popping out of the car and capturing a particularly amazing example of falls finest colors.

Love this deep red orange tree. 

Look at this grand golden beauty.

I'm not the only one enjoying a pretty fall day. 

The fall in Oregon is quickly becoming my favorite time of the year. After living in Southern California, which really doesn't have much of a fall, it's fun to experience something new every day. Nature puts on quite a show. After living so long in the same place you forget the joys a new home can bring. The fall colors in Oregon have put a very big smile on my face : )