Sunday, August 24, 2014

Oregon Mystery House Adventure

I've finished decorating the lodge and had the first batch of house guests visit, so I thought it was time 
to do a little site seeing of my own. I've always enjoyed strange phenomena, and what better place to visit than the Oregon Mystery House.

The house is situated on a vortex and the things that happen there are pretty cool. Are they real or fake? I can say for myself a lot of it is fun optical illusions, but you definitely get a feeling something is off in the vortex. When I stood on the spot where magnetic north and south converge I tried to keep myself from swaying but couldn't. Even some of the myth busters can't explain all the phenomena that happens there. Animals don’t want to enter the vortex. They tried riding horses onto the property and the horses stopped and turned around. Their compass didn't work right, as if giant magnets where buried underground. I'm a huge fan of roadside attractions, so I was more then happy to find out for myself.

As you can see the mystery house is pretty darn crooked. Whether it fell down a hill as the guide said, or they built it that way, it's still a fun experience. 

  The inside is crooked too. The handrails definitely come in handy.  

Look at the way you have to stand so that you feel upright. He's leaning to the left big time!

This side of the house is enough to make you seasick! See how the pendulum is hanging. That's how off plum the house is. 

Because of the angles of the house it looks like the water is running uphill. It's not. It's actually following gravity and running downhill, but it's still a fun illusion. Then there is the broom illusion. The broom seems to balance all by itself in the crooked house. 

Check the angle of the bristles. I think this is what makes it stand so straight and not fall. But again, a cool illusion. 

 Then there is the height change demonstration. The person who stands to the left, magnetic north, looks shorter than the person on the right, which is magnetic south. In this case the girl on the left is actually shorter than the girl on the right so when they switch places the difference is really impressive. 

Look how much taller she looks! Pretty cool! The myth busters couldn't explain how this works either.

I had a really great time at the Oregon Mystery House. I'm glad I stopped in. Visitng fun attractions like the mystery house brings out the kid in me. Who cares if it's real or fake? I enjoyed the ride!