Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bear Crazy

I'm finally settled into the lodge and had a chance to explore my new home town. On the drive into town I began to see signs of a major invasion. Bears! Whimsical painted bears had taken over Grants Pass. Eighty in fact. Starting in May the bears roll in to town and stick around until late summer. Thankfully I have plenty time to see them all. 

Turns out there are some very talented artists in Grants Pass. The bears range from farmers to Egyptian Pharaohs. Here's a few of the ones I've seen so far. 

 Farmer bear waiting for a ride


Backpacking Bears

Kung Fu Fighting Bear

Portrait Artist Bear

Sphinx Bear 

King Tut Bear Cub

I can't wait to discover more bears in the coming weeks. Makes going to the grocery store an adventure. Just another thing I love about my new home town. 

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