Friday, October 26, 2012

Pulled From The Pages: Halloween in Japan? You Bet!


Back by popular demand. Another story from Pulled From the Pages.

October 26

Before I went to Tokyo, I wondered if the Japanese celebrated Halloween. It happened to be my favorite holiday next to Christmas and I really didn’t want to miss out on all the spooky fun. Turned out I had nothing to fear. My friend Midori told me the Japanese have a motto: We’ll adopt any international holiday that’s fun and gives us an excuse to dress up and party. 

It was the Sunday before my favorite holiday. Tokyo was flooded with endless Halloween merchandise just like back home. Hello Kitty looked so cute dressed up as a witch. I was excited to put on a costume and head out to the big Halloween parade in Kawasaki.   

Midori loaned me one of her Cosplay outfits to wear. A fairy costume of course. I put on the sparkly purple wings and the Spock-like pointed ears. “That’s enough for me.”

Midori shook her head. “No, we must do the make-up too.”

I reluctantly plopped myself down in the chair. “Okay, but don’t go too crazy. I want to recognize myself in the mirror.”

“Don’t worry. I will make you beautiful.”

I wasn’t questioning her impressive make-up skills. It’s just the last time she worked on one of her Cosplay transformations she put on fake eyelashes the size of butterfly wings. I couldn’t see a thing.

After 20 minutes in the chair, she handed me a mirror. “See, you look like Anne.”

I sucked in a breath. I didn't look bad as a glitter fairy. Except for when the stuff fell in my mouth. Yuck. 

I gave Midori a thumbs up. “Anne of the enchanted forest. That’s me.”

Midori crinkled her brow. “You aren’t pleased?”

Sometimes she could be so sensitive. “You did a great job!”

Happy with our fairy transformations, we headed for the train station. On any other day we would have been subjected to stares. But today people knew exactly where we were headed—Kawasaki.

We stepped out onto the main street and were greeted by kimono-clad zombies, pirates, vampires, witches and a host of manga characters.

I looped my arm around Midori’s. “I feel right at home. Looks like a typical family reunion.”